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Hey everyone! So a horrible thing happened and one of my favorite cat friends got sick. My really good friends & former roommates are Charlie’s parents & need a little bit of help.

Before you brush this off, hear me out. Gina & Chris were the best roommates I’ve ever had. I still visit them when I’m in the Bay and go out of my way to help them when I can. Because they are AWESOME & genuinely good people. They have 2 other cats aside from Charlie and take really good care of them. One of their other cats being Diamond, a rescue that we took in because he was on the streets with a really bad eye infection— his then-owners nowhere to be found. Here is Diamond and Charlie smooching. CUTE AS SHIT RIGHT?

She paid for all of Diamond’s vets bills even though Diamond wasn’t even her cat yet. She just knew she had to help him! Gina has always been giving and loving with animals and I know if money weren’t even an issue, she would do even more. I believe she’s also going to school to be a vet, but I could be wrong. Bottom line, if you have a few extra bucks to help out a beautiful kitty and his family, this is a legit cause!! 

Gina started a Gofundme and this is what she has to say:

Hey guys,

My name is Gina Giangiobbe, I am 24 and live with my boyfriend Chris and our cat Charlie. Charlie is the sweetest cat you could ever meet. He LOVES everyone, and everyone adores him. He prefers being held like a baby; it is hilarious & the cutest thing ever. He sleeps on me almost every night, purring & “making biscuits”. Cat people will get that reference. He is an energetic, awesome 4 year old kitty. I rescued him when he was only a couple weeks old, and instantly fell in love.

Unfortunately for us, Charlie had a pretty bad health scare a a couple months ago. He fell from our screen door (he has a habit of jumping up there; he thinks he’s Spidey Cat) onto the porch, hit his head & fell another foot 
onto gravel. He had a seizure and we immediately took him to the pet ER. While we were waiting to be seen, Charlie had another body-convulsing seizure, a thing no pet lover wants to see their baby go through. He ended up having really high insulin levels and very low blood sugar levels, and it was thought he had an insulin-secreting tumor, so a lot of very expensive tests were done, not to mention three nights of overnight hospitilization. Unfortunatey for our little family, the tests showed no insulin-secreting tumor, and were therefor inconclusive. He was able to come home, and has slowly been taken off of steroids (which kept his insulin down) and appetite stimulants (which helped keep his sugar up). It seems now that the actual fall & hitting his head is what may have caused the seizing; not cancer. 

Our bill came to $2985. I paid $848 out of pocket, and the remaining $2137 went onto a credit card with a high APR. 

Chris and I don’t make much money, he works full time and is a part time student, and I work part time and am a part time student. We love Charlie and are so blessed that he is alive and well. Now we are stuck with this expensive bill and are graciously asking for any donations you’d be willing to give.

Thank you so much. Charlie & us humans appreciate it.

Contributers can get personal updates on Charlie and his health if wanted <3 

Perfect way to help support kitties if you can’t foster or rescue your own. Thank you for reading!! Even if you cant donate, please reblog if you can xoxo


New hurrr cut. Hacked by @ballzninja

New hurrr cut. Hacked by @ballzninja

All I&#8217;m sayin is, someone needs to buy me one of these. #australian#quokka aka #cutest#animal#ever

All I’m sayin is, someone needs to buy me one of these. #australian#quokka aka #cutest#animal#ever

C-Lo went HAM on some Mickeys &amp; Irish car bombs. She&#8217;s napping it off. #saintpattys#mickeys#drank#whatalush#sorryforpartying#luckoftheirish 🍀🐯😸🍻💤

C-Lo went HAM on some Mickeys & Irish car bombs. She’s napping it off. #saintpattys#mickeys#drank#whatalush#sorryforpartying#luckoftheirish 🍀🐯😸🍻💤

The saga continues&#8230; ☁🐙 #smoke#toke#hightimes #girlswhosmokeweed#instahigh #steamroller#octopus 😊💨🍁🍃🍁🍃✨✌

The saga continues… ☁🐙 #smoke#toke#hightimes #girlswhosmokeweed#instahigh #steamroller#octopus 😊💨🍁🍃🍁🍃✨✌

I should&#8217;ve seen a glow, but everybody knows, that a broken heart is blind 💔🎭🎼

I should’ve seen a glow, but everybody knows, that a broken heart is blind 💔🎭🎼